Ayano Hisa is a 2013 fellow of the New York Foundation for the Arts. She has received several grants and awards including the Artist Grant from GBFund and the Architectural Photographer of the Year 2012 from the International Photography Awards. She presently works as a photographer in New York and has worked for Newport Jazz Festival, Savannah Music Festival and Jazz at Lincoln Center, among many others.

One of her past personal projects was photographing the aftermath of the March 2011 tragedy in Japan, a massive earthquake and tsunami which also devastated a large portion of her mother’s hometown, Ishinomaki City ("Schools in Tohoku"). This series will be exhibited as a solo show in March 2016 in Tokyo, Japan, as part of the 5th anniversary charity event. (This photo exhibition is made possible by generous support by Nikon.) She is currently working on several projects in Fukushima, where the nuclear power plant exploded and released radiation in the surrounding area right after the tsunami. 

Ayano was born and raised in Saitama, Japan. Her father, a jewelry designer and mother, an art-lover, exposed her to the arts and music from early age. One of the precious art-related experiences her parents gave her when she was young was a trip to France, to see the exact location of Langlois Bridge at Arles by Vincent Van Gogh. Although she did not realize her interest in art at early age, the passion her parents have always had towards art grew in her as she became older. As soon as moving to USA, she decided to travel across the country by Greyhound bus, camera in hand, and explored the history of American music.

She received a BFA in Professional Photographic Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006 and a MFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009.

Ayano's Wedding and other event website: http://www.ayanohisaweddingphoto.com